Hypertrophic Muscle Builder


Hypertrophic Muscle Builder

BYLD is not your average Muscle Builder... Hard Gainers heed the call. Those choosing to accept the mission will sculpt a physique worthy of the Gods. This 3 in 1 Builder is what you've been waiting for!



Hypertrophic Muscle Builder

BYLD is not your average Muscle Builder... Hard Gainers heed the call. Those choosing to accept the mission will sculpt a physique worthy of the Gods. This 3 in 1 Builder is what you've been waiting for!

Product Description

Ingredient Breakdown

Mediator® 50P – (1,500mg)

Phosphatidic Acid is a unique type of fat molecule that directly activates mTOR -- the signaling pathway that drives muscle protein synthesis in humans. Research indicates that phosphatidic acid supplementation enhances the anabolic (muscle building) effects of resistance-training programs. In fact, studies show that resistance-trained athletes consuming 750mg of phosphatidic acid (the same dose included in BYLD) daily for 8 weeks, in conjunction with a strenuous resistance-training program yielded significant benefits in size and strength compared to placebo. *

Proepicate (epicatechin) – (300mg)

Epicatechin is a bioactive flavanol found in trace amounts in many foods, including dark chocolate and green tea, that is widely regarded for its myostatin-inhibiting properties. Myostatin is a protein that is found in skeletal muscle that stunts muscle growth. Epicatechin is also known to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis and nitric oxide (NO) production, encouraging greater blood flow and nutrient delivery. *

Apigenin® – (25mg)

Apigenin is a bioflavonoid found in a number of plants, including chamomile, onions, grapefruits, and celery, that has the unique ability to inhibit 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17β-HSD). Animal studies also indicate that apigenin supports muscle protein synthesis (and therefore hypertrophy) via increased phosphorylation of several key players in the mTOR pathway, including Akt, S6K1, and 4E-BP1. *

AstraGin® – (50mg)

AstraGin is a novel complex of highly purified and fractionated Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus shown in 16 in-vitro and eight in-vivo studies to increase bioavailability and absorption of several key nutrients, including the uptake of numerous amino acids (e.g. leucine 58% increase). AstraGin may also support better muscle recovery and growth following training as studies on ginsenosides (one of the active components in AstraGin) note that it activates the mTOR signal pathway by regulating upstream kinases in muscle cells. *

Customer Reviews

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Antonio Rodriguez

This will be kinda long but it’s a small story on my experience. I’ve been working out for almost 5 years with breaks in between due to having to move, injury, or other excuses that I can’t think of at the moment. I personally think this product is for serious people who’ve had a few years of experience working out/lifting weights. I learned about this product from a local supplement store and went out of my way to do some “research” on it. I decided “why not” and bought BYLD directly through the suppler since it’s cheaper and slightly discounted. I bought 3 bottles (3 months supply) and stopped at 2 because of life. From what I’ve learned and like any other supplement, In order for you to gain the most out of it you will need to put in the work, be consistent, get enough sleep, eat enough, follow a program, etc… otherwise it will be a waste of money

When I first started taking the supplement, I was 160lbs with a 250lb bench, 330lb Backsquat, and ~365 deadlift (I don’t work on my deadlift) with an okay physique. I am a gym rat and worked out 6 days a week doing a PPL routine. Now during this time I honestly didn’t eat as much as I should have cause I was constantly hungry but even so within those 2 months did everything just skyrocket. After about 10 days I noticed that pumps were better and muscle recovery was great! I felt fuller, thicker, and leaner. I was also taking creatine and Ghost aminos at the same time and prior to BYLD. But with how good BYLD was, I completely cut those two out as I didn’t see a need for me to keep taking them. My progression in strength was almost unbelievable as I went from a 250lb bench to 270lb as a heavy single, completely raw with no spotter. Backsquat followed suit with me being able to squat 335 for 5 reps on my last set of a 3x5 (never maxed out unfortunately) and on a whim decided to max out my deadlift managing to lift 405lbs. My bodyweight went up and fluctuated around 170-175 and yes, being able to lift heavier definitely showed on my physique obtaining striations on my chest, biceps, and shoulders along with more defined quads ONLY when I flexed. I did bodybuilding as accessory work and from pushes to pulls to legs went up in weight almost every week for 2 months. If not, it was definitely heavy relative to me and i could do it consistently. For example, my bicep curls went from 30-35lb dumbbells to a minimum of 40lbs even on bad days to 50lbs bicep curls (FOR SETS OF 10REPS) if I was really feeling it that day. Also what really surprised me is that I rarely work on abs if at all and yet I almost had a full blown 6 pack in the end. I literally gained muscle and strength while losing fat. I can only imagine if I had done things a little different and/or better, what kind of results I wouldve gotten.

Is it kinda pricey? yes.
Is it worth it? If you put in the work and do it right, it’s worth every penny. How is it when you stop taking it? I Definitely feel the affects when I stopped taking it and i calculated about a 3% decrease in strength but kept all the muscle. Muscle fatigue caught up and recovery was “slower”. Keep in mind that it could be totally different for someone else.
Who would you recommend it to? Experienced lifters, people who want to take it to the next level. I would discourage people who are just starting out from taking it only because I think this product it for those who have already made all their newbie gains. But that’s all up to you.
Should I take anything with it? Again it’s all up to you. But in my honest opinion, if you’re taking BYLD and have a good diet, then that’s all you need with the exception of pre-workout. Only saying that because I am a stim-junky.

Leslie Yancy-Meadows
Amazing product

This supplement has been a game changer for my highschool athlete. His whole body has transformed with the addition of these to his routine

Stephen Scheer
Strength and recovery through the roof

This is the second time using this stuff I love it. I feel so strong going to work and in the gym lifting hard. Makes me hungry to eat to gain muscle weight. Helps me riding bike to work where before I was barely moving it was hard to peddle out of shape but with them my legs were in super drive mode kept peddling without stopping. These pills definitely do make a difference!

Johnny Frost IFBB
Surprisingly strong and fast gains!!

After reading through the science I knew I wanted to give byld a try I got 2 bottles and damn no freaking joke 2 weeks in my strength was wayyyyy up it shocked me! Literally I’m talking like prohormones from the late 1990s up but without the side effects! My biggest gain was on below the knee rack pulls dude do them they will save your low back and keep you from being held back on upper back growth still do deadlifts of course but I’m telling you my back got wayyyy thicker. 2 weeks byld went from 405 for 5 sets of 6 to 545 for 6 sets of 7. Give it a go here’s how I take them: Sauce 2 morning 2 pre workout/ late evening Byld 4 pre workout or at bed on none workdays epicatechin 1 morning with fasted cardio or on heavy days 1 at bed. So always have 2 doses split between the Byld and the epicatechin or however you say that ingredient. Catch me if you can mofos!

Ryan Matejka
Best product to keep that natty card!💪

I’m in my second cycle of this purely just the BYLD and compounded with shilijit, only gaining muscle mass is an understatement. My appetite has not only been outrageous but my body fat percentage is now lower than it’s ever been. Full of veins constantly and my muscles look completely filled out!

I would 100% recommend this product to anyone that is considering and I currently have gotten 4 of my own buddies on it and they have thanked me ever since. BEST OUT THERE 100%